About us

UA Responders is a charitable foundation.

Our name originates from the term “First Responder”, a concept that includes all people with special training who can provide assistance at the scene of an emergency, whether in the event of an accident, a cataclysm, or hostilities. It means the person who arrives first and helps others.

From the first days of March 2022, our volunteers have been working in Ukraine. We rescue the wounded where the work of the state emergency medical service is limited due to high risk. We provided medical assistance during the liberation of the north of Ukraine, the cities of the Kharkiv region. Our volunteers rescued the wounded in the Chuhuiv and Balakliya directions. During the massive artillery shelling of Kharkiv, our volunteers provided basic medical and humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable part of the city's population. In addition, our volunteers in Ukraine teach civil and tactical first aid. Now work is ongoing.

We collect the tactical medical goods that are in deficit and supply them directly to recipients, avoiding mediators, through a dedicated network. By May 2022 they made more than 284 trips.

On top of direct goods delivery, the initiative capitalizes on the connections between medical institutions in the West and their Ukrainian counterparts. With our help and support established cooperation between Rapid Aid Liaison Group (USA), Penn Medicine Global Health (USA), and Vinnytsia Regional Clinical Hospital (Ukraine), thanks to which Ukrainian medical specialists were able to receive more than 100 online consultations on endoscopy and traumatology. Thanks to us, the Kharkiv fire department was able to get help from Canadian firefighters (we established a connection between Kharkiv and the Ukrainian community in Morden & Pembina Valley) We also advise different NGO working groups in Ukraine on medical cooperation, humanitarian cooperation, and logistics in high-risk areas. We make society's response to emergencies more effective in the European Union as well. We provide rescue and first aid training in Warsaw, increasing the number of people trained to provide effective pre-medical care in emergencies. In addition to first aid, we train people to maintain personal safety in various situations.

Fan fact:

In 2022 we successfully rescued from the city of Kurakhovo, which was under artillery fire, 6 service dogs of the Ukrainian Border Service. The owners were wounded and were in the hospital by that moment.

We always welcome people interested in rescue activities, acting rescuers and paramedics, doctors, people who have taken first aid and TCCC courses, those with or without good physical training, dog handlers, drivers, people with experience in disaster areas and other dangerous places, and generally everyone who shares our values and goals.