About us

UA Responders is a charitable foundation that has united people around an important goal: showing the world that Ukraine is capable not only of asking for help, but also of providing it.

Our name originates from the term “First Responder”, a concept that includes all people with special training who can provide assistance at the scene of an emergency, whether in the event of an accident, a cataclysm, or hostilities. It means the person who arrives first and helps others.

Today, we help:

  • medical teams,
  • hospitals,
  • paramedics,
  • rescue volunteers,
  • military medics,
  • the State Emergency Service, and other responders in Ukraine.

In the near future, we will be helping responders from other countries, wherever our help might be required.

We are currently delivering medical and humanitarian supplies to people all over Ukraine, even to dangerous areas.

Over the course of 3 months, we have:

  • Performed 538 deliveries of humanitarian aid.
  • Collected and sent 859 boxes of rescue equipment, food and hygiene products.
  • Involved 35 drivers in the deliveries.

We work on forming rescue volunteer teams that will be able to quickly respond to the scene and lend a hand to the local services and charities.
The volunteers of our foundation take specialized courses:

  • in first aid,
  • water and mountain rescue,
  • search for missing persons, as well as many others.

We work to ensure that the Ukrainian flag is associated with friendship, willingness to help, courage, respect for other people’s lives, and professionalism all over the world.

We always welcome people interested in rescue activities, acting rescuers and paramedics, doctors, people who have taken first aid and TCCC courses, those with or without good physical training, dog handlers, drivers, people with experience in disaster areas and other dangerous places, and generally everyone who shares our values and goals.