UA Responders

UA Responders is a charity fund that trains teams of Ukrainian rescue volunteers who can provide assistance at the scene of an emergency, whether in the event of an accident, a cataclysm, or hostilities.

Our mission: To show the whole world that Ukraine is capable not only of asking for help, but also of providing it.

Our goal: To form rescue volunteer teams that will be able to quickly respond to the scene and lend a hand to the local services and charities.

What we do:

  • We help medical teams, hospitals, paramedics, rescue volunteers, military medics, the State Emergency Service, and other responders in Ukraine (and in the future, around the world).
  • We organize training for volunteers: Specialized courses in first aid, water and mountain rescue, search for missing persons, self-defense, and many others.
  • We provide Ukrainian paramedics with the necessary equipment and resources.
  • We help people and pets affected by the war in Ukraine.

We are currently delivering medical and humanitarian supplies to people all over Ukraine, even to dangerous areas!

Our partners

Our partners

Our work


Cargo for the Kherson Territorial Defense Unit in the occupied territories

These guys keep destroying the enemy even from within the occupied territories. In this case, in the Kherson region. We have helped them with: Thermal imager: 1 pc. 100 L bags: 10 pcs. Tarpaulin shelter half: 10 pcs....

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Medical supplies for the Uman Territorial Defense Unit

See the first two pictures? The wounded man and the bullet that was removed from his leg? That’s the kind of pictures we sometimes get, along with photo reports on cargo receipts. It is precisely on such occasions that we once again clearly realize the value and necessity of our work....

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New cargo for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

This is a follow-up to the story of the dogs rescued from Kurakhove....

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