Saving lives together

Formed as a volunteer initiative during the first days of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the UA Responders Foundation is officially registered in Warsaw since April 2022.

A little later, a foundation with the same name was created in Ukraine. This allowed us to greatly increase the efficiency of our work.

The UA Responders Foundation was formed from people who are close in spirit, who share European values, and who are highly successful in their chosen professions. More importantly, the team have proven their ability to help people in dangerous situations. Each of us is a certified lifesaver and part of the rescue network. This is why we know exactly what help is needed and where to deliver it.

Our mission: Increasing the people's survival potential during humanitarian crises and disasters, enhancing the capacity for providing lifesaving first aid in emergency situations, and strengthening the effectiveness of crisis response. In one sentence, this can be expressed by the motto of emergency services: save as many lives as possible.

Our objectives are:

  • Charitable activity for the benefit of the society of Ukraine and other countries in situations of natural disasters, catastrophes, wars, military operations, and terrorist acts.
  • Educational activity in the field of rescue and first aid.
  • Conducting educational training on the safety of children, youth, and the elderly.
  • Counteracting social pathologies in the world through development and humanitarian aid, help victims of various types of socio-cultural, political, economic, military and ecological threats, including natural disasters, wars, and catastrophes.
  • Analysis of adverse social phenomena, the scope of their impact on society, and the possibility of reducing the risk and negative effects, especially in the field of intercultural integration.
  • Creating programs aimed at improving the level of social security.

Our target groups:

  • People in crisis, suffering, victims of natural disasters, victims of catastrophes, armed conflicts, and wars
  • Vulnerable groups of the population, incl. women, children, refugees, migrants, and displaced Ukrainian population
  • First responders

In the summer of 2022, we created a humanitarian delivery network to increase the effectiveness of the work of volunteers seeking to help Ukraine. More than 68 drivers were involved. Humanitarian supplies went from sender to recipient without delay and downtime, and directly passed into the hands of those who needed help. Volodymyr Prytula headed this department.

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Since 24.02.2022 we delivered to Ukraine

Tactical medicine supplies: 38648


  • IFAK (Individual first aid kit) - 908
  • Tourniquets (CAT, SOF, SAM, etc) - 10572
  • Chest Seals - 7983
  • Bandages - 4757
  • Paramedic scissors - 4250
  • Nasopharyngeal airways - 3433
  • Hemostatics (Combat Gauze) - 2763
  • Termoisolation blankets - 780
  • Burn dressings - 430
  • Decompression needles - 333
  • Splints - 230
  • Stretchers - 119
  • Paramedic backpacks - 90
  • Other ~ 2000

Medical supplies: 20589


  • Dressings, different types - 5269
  • Medical gloves - 3410
  • Disinfection and hygiene products - 2440
  • Suture materials - 1020
  • Drugs  - 1269
  • Surgical instruments - 1050
  • Various consumables ~ 5800
  • Materials for osteosynthesis - 100
  • Consumables for vacuum therapy devices - 96
  • Consumables for electrocoagulation devices - 60
  • Field blood transfusion kits - 72
  • Patient monitoring device - 2
  • Capnography device - 1

List of the most important things, delivered to Ukraine with Responders Delivery, led by Volodymyr Prytula: 4599


  • Starlinks - 126
  • Water purification kits - 1500
  • Eye protection kits - 755
  • Hearing protection kits - 412
  • Accumulators - 836
  • Thermal underwear sets - 880
  • Generators - 47
  • Charging stations - 43
  • and many other essentials

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