Tactical equipment for the 201st training center

Over the course of 10 days, we have purchased tactical equipment for the 201st Training Center in Kamianets-Podilskyi and had it delivered from Poland.

The training center in Kamianets-Podilskyi, namely a group of scouts and sappers, raised most of the funds for the equipment by themselves. We were the ones to purchase and help deliver it. We had a hard deadline ahead of us, and we made it! (Within 10 days, including delivery time, which is fast for a first-time purchase that requires waiting for delivery in Poland.)

In the pictures:
- Large 60 L backpacks for equipment storage (backpacks for combat missions are 30–35 L);
- Sun hats, scarves, balaclavas;
- Knee pads and elbow pads (a must-have when you fall down and crawl a lot);
- Full-finger and fingerless gloves;
- Sleeping bags and mats;
- Dark sunglasses and yellow night vision glasses;
- Load-bearing vests assembled from several parts: a LBBS (load-bearing belt system), a belt with straps, and a MOLLE system (stitched webbing straps). The next picture shows magazine pouches, which are hung on the LBBS (along with a first aid kit, dump pouches, and utility pouches). So that’s how we end up with an actual load-bearing vest.

In total:
- 3 backpacks (60 L);
- 5 pairs of full-finger and fingerless gloves;
- 5 protective equipment sets (knee pads + elbow pads);
- 5 sun hats;
- 5 scarves;
- 5 balaclavas;
- 5 dark and 5 yellow glasses;
- 5 sleeping bags;
- 5 sleeping mats;
- 5 LBBSs with magazine pouches.
We thank our team for all their efforts!