Save Kurahovo dogs

The story starts with this facebook post. The member of UA Responders has noticed it. She was a paramedic in ATO. Also, she owned a german shepherd named Lut, who died in 2015. She couldn't pass through the post and asked a question. Who are the Kurahovo dogs?

There is a Spaniel. The Spaniel likes to sleep with her human at night. At day, she saves people. She doesn't look like your typical border guard dog, but she guards. Borders and people. During the peacetime and under the missile shelling. 3-5 minutes before the shelling starts, the Spaniel is digging the ground, then she hides. This way she lets people know that she feels something coming. The Spaniel's human, the border guard, later gets the calls from a hospital. Those are thank you calls. They say, if the Grad missile hit 2 miles closer… They say, if the Spaniel wouldn't be there…

There is also a German Shepherd. The Shepherd looks exactly like a border guard dog should. But it lacks a master, because Mykola Herbin, the staff sergeant of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, died as a hero on March 19, 2022. He gave his life to Ukraine. He had a young daughter, who is safe. And the Shepherd. In Kurahovo.

Kurahovo, that is under the shelling of the Russian artillery at any time. Kurahovo, that can be taken by the enemy. We know since 2014, what Russians do to border guard dogs… That's why the Facebook post appeared. The Spaniel's human wrote it from the hospital. He told us about the dogs, and his brothers in arms, and Kurahovo. There were 1 cynologist left in Kurahovo, 5 dogs. And barely any time to save them all.

So, we are started to look for:

– The vehicle, able to take 4 large dogs and the Spaniel. We also needed cages to safely transport dogs. We found them in hours.

– The drivers, ready to get through the dangerous road. Brave Zhenya Dashkovsky and his teammate agreed and drove more than 640 miles in a single day.

– Money to pay for gas. This time music helped the dogs as the band Sunset Bulvar gave us the money raised during the #SunnyHandsForUkraine charity concerts.

– Safe place that could house the four-legged heroes. We will keep it in secret, so it continued to stay safe. Bur Kurahovo dogs are safe – and ready to serve and to guard borders and people. They are saved – and ready to save others.