Рelp to the 72nd separate mechanized brigade

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Many volunteer organizations now operate in Ukraine and far beyond.Any help is extremely important now, whether it is helmets and bulletproof vests for the military, or essentials and food for ordinary people, animal food, medicine, clothing.For our team, one of the key goals is to provide our soldiers and hospitals with medical products and equipment.In recent weeks, many people have had to enrich their vocabulary with terms such as:

HALO occlusive dressers (they are used to seal holes in the lungs in case of chest injuries)

Celox hemostatic granules (universal remedy for stopping bleeding from any injuries)

medical tourniquet (well known to us as modern much improved harnesses)

decompression needles (with their help release air from the pleural cavity in pneumothorax)

IFAK (tactical medical kit)

BurnTec (anti-burn hydrogel dressings)

nasopharyngeal tubes and more.

All these things are very expensive, but also very important. They are important because they can directly save lives if they are "at hand" at a critical moment. These are the lives of our military and the lives of civilians who come under enemy fire.2-3 boxes of such things have a much higher cost than, say, a full truckload of hygiene products or baby diapers.It's expensive, it's hard. But time and time again we manage to collect the necessary amounts, find where to buy, how to transfer. Therefore, we continue our work and fundraising. Each of you can contribute any amount, any help is important now!  

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In the photos - the help we sent to the 72nd separate mechanized brigade