Provisions for the 123rd Brigade of the Mykolaiv Territorial Defense Unit

Here’s what we have managed to collect for these guys:

Helmet cover: 1 pc.

Gore-Tex MultiCam suit: 4 pcs.

MultiCam balaclava: 2 pcs.

MultiCam poncho: 4 pcs.

Sneakers: 1 pc.

Universal pouch: 4 pcs.

Back brace: 2 pcs.

3-season sleeping bag: 1 pc.

Combat boots: 4 pcs.

Power bank: 4 pcs.

Weather meter: 1 pc.

Medical supplies:

Soft stretcher: 1 pc.

Medical pouch: 2 pcs.

Tourniquet: 5 pcs.

Airway: 5 pcs.

Occlusive dressing: 10 pcs.

Decompression needle: 5 pcs.

Scissors: 5 pcs.

Bandage: 5 pcs.

Thermal blanket: 5 pcs.

Silver spray: 4 pcs.

Zinc ointment: 4 pcs.


Every day, by joining our efforts, we bring our victory closer.

Please support us, and remember that no donation is too small! :) Winter, however, can be too harsh... We are currently planning to buy all kinds of things to keep our defenders warm during the winter, so we need your help!