New cargo for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

This is a follow-up to the story of the dogs rescued from Kurakhove. As you may have guessed, we became very friendly with this canine unit of the Border Guard Service! They returned to the ranks after leaving the hospital, and we delivered some equipment and a quadcopter to them.

Items we have sent (six sets of each):
- gloves;
- glasses;
- knee pads;
- medical pouches with contents:
- scissors;
- nitrile gloves;
- Israeli bandages;
- hemostatic bandages;
- decompression needles (sometimes, when a person gets a chest wound, the air builds up inside, compressing the lungs, and must be removed somehow — that’s what the needle is for);
- thermal blankets;
- nasopharyngeal airways;
- burn treatment products;
- tourniquets.
Another piece of valuable cargo for them was an Autel EVO Nano Premium Bundle quadcopter.

And there were also some cookies :)

You can read the “thank you” post here