Medical supplies for the Uman Territorial Defense Unit

See the first two pictures?

The wounded man and the bullet that was removed from his leg? That’s the kind of pictures we sometimes get, along with photo reports on cargo receipts. It is precisely on such occasions that we once again clearly realize the value and necessity of our work. Because it is the medical equipment that we supply that saves people’s lives. Not just someone, someplace, but specifically those people with whom we keep in touch.

For the Uman Territorial Defense Unit, we have delivered:

Medical backpack: 1 pc.

Bandages: 6 pcs.

Occlusive dressings: 6 pcs.

Tourniquets: 10 pcs.

Airways: 8 pcs.

Sterile gloves: 20 pcs.

Disposable stethoscopes: 3 pcs.

Silver spray for wounds: 2 pcs.

Surgical consumables.


The victory will be ours!