Medical devices for Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital

Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital is the largest non-governmental project involving civilian doctors in the provision of medical care in the war zone.

Here’s what we have managed to collect and deliver for them:

Dressing material: 200 pcs.

Israeli bandage: 50 pcs.

Occlusion dressings: 50 pcs.

Suture material: 100 pcs.

Sterile gloves: 100 pcs.

Non-sterile gloves, pack: 6 pcs.

Sterile drapes: 200 pcs.

Plaster: 50 pcs.

Bag valve mask: 1 pc.

Catheters, pack: 3 pcs.

IV administration set: 40 pcs.

Thoracic surgery set: 1 pc.

Burn blanket: 5 pcs.

Disposable stethoscope: 10 pcs.

Burn blanket: 3 pcs.

Sterile gown: 12 pcs.

Cervical collar: 3 pcs.

Thermal blanket: 100 pcs.

Scissors: 20 pcs.

As they say, keep fucking calm and carry on, and the victory will be ours.