Medical cargo for the 30th Separate Mechanized Brigade

This cargo was collected and sent to the medic of the 30th Prince Konstanty Ostrogski Separate Mechanized Brigade.

- plate carrier, pouches, carabiners, belt;
- thermal underwear;
- knee pads, tourist seat;
- two artillery compasses;
- two push-button phones, headlights.

- medical backpack;
- airways, bandages, gloves, splints;
- thermal blankets;
- SWAT-T tourniquets;
- burn treatment products;
- suture material and small surgical items such as clamps, etc.;
- decompression needles;
- stethoscope;
- bag valve mask;
- eye bandages, plasters, and dressings.

A “thank you” post from the recipient.

Let there be fewer reasons to use these items.
The victory will be ours.