Foundation PitBullHelp asking for help

Charitable Organization ПитбульХелп: помощь амстаффам и питбулям в Украине (Foundation ‘PitBullHelp’’) kindly asking for your help in charitable support for food, medical and care environment for pets. Foundation supports 61 pets (22 cats and 39 dogs).

Some pets need special treatment, medical food, hypoallergenic food,drugs for cardiovascular disease, medicines for diabetic dogs, diapers for animals with disabilities.

Our needs:

1. Medical food for dogs with diabetics (Brit/ Royal Canin/ Hills);

2. Hypoallergenic food for dogs Brit care lamb & rice or other;

3. Medical food for cats with kidneys lose;

4. Food for average-large dogs;

5. Food for cats;

6. Medicine for heart (Pimopet \ Cardishure \ Hartmedin \ Vetmedin or else;

7. Can-insuline (for dogs) or Lantus (for people but works for dogs);

8. Insulin syringe for injections;

9. Accu-chek performa test-strips (glucose level measurement);

10. Diapers 60x60, 60x90;

11. Transportation boxes for dogs (25-30kg) and cats (15kg);

12. Cages for keeping and transporting animals;

13. Patches for bedsores;

14. Powders for the treatment of wounds, ointments for wounds and bedsores.

Our accounts: FUNDACJA UA RESPONDERS (UA RESPONDERS FOUNDATION)IBAN (PLN): PL 88 1160 2202 0000 0005 2705 0660IBAN (EURO): PL 34 1160 2202 0000 0005 2748 3379SWIFT: BIGBPLPWBank: Bank Millennium S.A.Address: ul. Stanisława Żaryna 2A, 02-593 WarsawPoland