Entrenching shovels for the Azov Special Operations Regiment

Yet another report that we did not have time to publish at the end of May.

In skilled hands, a shovel can also be a weapon :) In fact, this is a very necessary thing in everyday military life. Our soldiers hide, sleep, eat, and basically live in the dugouts.

For the Azov Regiment, we have delivered:

Entrenching shovel: 285 pcs.

Medical supplies:

Medical backpack: 5 pcs.


Thoracic surgery set: 2 pcs.

Burn blanket: 2 pcs.

Cervical collar: 2 pcs.

Disposable stethoscope: 5 pcs.

As well as: suture material, surgical consumables, plaster, antibiotics, alcohol wipes, gloves, and dressings.

And you know what? Shovels are essential again. Especially those small, convenient entrenching shovels which are easy to carry around. Very reliable things. We have noticed that such shovels being available to a unit greatly reduces the consumption of tactical medicine supplies!

In October, our guys also ask for shovels. It’s understandable. So let’s not stop donating for the sake of Victory :)

Glory to Ukraine!