Cargo for the Prince Sviatoslav the Brave Special Operations Regiment

We have our hands full, so we publish reports very late, but we will report on everything :) As you know, we have been working since day one of the insidious attack, and lo and behold, an unpublished report has been found dating all the way back to a May shipment. Want to take a look? :)

Already part of a standard set: tourniquets, hemostatics, bandages, airways, burn kits, thermal blankets, IV administration sets plus catheters, all of this in medical backpacks.

Some of the effective and expensive supplies included: surgical kits, surgical staplers along with staple removers, Kendrick traction devices (necessary for hip fractures), compact bag valve masks (manual ventilators), pelvic hip braces, cricothyrotomy sets, urine drainage bags and Foley catheters, cervical collars, and soft stretchers.

As for tactical gear, we were able to provide the guys with load-bearing vests, magazine pouches, active earmuffs, and combat boots for one of the fighters.

And we sprinkled some treats on top of this as well :)

It’s certainly not the same as a lover’s sweet kisses, but hopefully, it made the hot May a little easier for our warriors.

Get ready for new posts, we’ll try to clear our backlog of reports :)