A large number of medications to the Zhytomyr Military Hospital!

We have delivered a large number of medications and medical supplies to the Zhytomyr Military Hospital!

A lot of different medical supplies that people or organizations donate to us are items which they believe can be useful. In 95% of cases, these items are not needed in tactical medicine. However, they are needed in hospitals!

We sort everything we get into the following categories:
1. Things that can be used in tactical medicine: bandages, catheters, disposable gloves, burn kits, hemostatics, tourniquets.
2. Things a professional combat medic can use: suture material and tools for field surgery.
3. Things that civilian paramedics most often need.
4. A separate category: specific items that are only appropriate for use in hospitals.
When forming a first aid kit, these categories can sometimes be mixed. For example, when a unit has an experienced medic who knows how to handle complex injuries and is familiar with the basics of surgery. Or if a unit is unable to quickly evacuate the wounded to the hospital, and they need to provide on-site care, etc... You never know what items might be in the aid box and which ones will go to the front. Those can be silver sprays (very good for trench foot) or even lip balms :)
Everything that remains after the consolidation of cargo for the Ukrainian Armed Forces is sent to the hospital.

These pictures show what was sent to Zhytomyr:
- Disinfectants of various types: from hand sanitizer to special surgical antiseptics for wounds;
- Protective equipment for medical workers: masks, goggles, gloves, gowns, disposable underpads and sheets;
- Dressing materials: from plasters and small bandages to special post-surgical dressings;
- Intubation aids;
- Tablets;
- Reusable surgical instruments;
- Hygiene products.
On this occasion, there was also a huge number of syringes and needles — they are rarely useful for medics on the battlefield but are needed in the hospital.