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Medical devices for Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital

Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital is the largest non-governmental project involving civilian doctors in the provision of medical care in the war zone....

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Entrenching shovels for the Azov Special Operations Regiment

Yet another report that we did not have time to publish at the end of May. In skilled hands, a shovel can also be a weapon :) In fact,...

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Provisions for the 123rd Brigade of the Mykolaiv Territorial Defense Unit

Here’s what we have managed to collect for these guys: Helmet cover: 1 pc. Gore-Tex MultiCam suit: 4 pcs. MultiCam balaclava: 2 pcs. MultiCam poncho: 4 pcs....

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Cargo for the Prince Sviatoslav the Brave Special Operations Regiment

Already part of a standard set: tourniquets, hemostatics, bandages, airways, burn kits, thermal blankets, IV administration sets plus catheters, all of this in medical backpacks....

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Cargo for the Kherson Territorial Defense Unit in the occupied territories

These guys keep destroying the enemy even from within the occupied territories. In this case, in the Kherson region. We have helped them with: Thermal imager: 1 pc. 100 L bags: 10 pcs. Tarpaulin shelter half: 10 pcs....

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Medical supplies for the Uman Territorial Defense Unit

See the first two pictures? The wounded man and the bullet that was removed from his leg? That’s the kind of pictures we sometimes get, along with photo reports on cargo receipts. It is precisely on such occasions that we once again clearly realize the value and necessity of our work....

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